Sitemap for ~/bin - scripts & hacks since 1994

copyenv: Copy the environmental variables of any running process

Snippet for handling GUI-invoked shell scripts

script-declutter: clean up detritus that shows up when you run script

So much UDP that it is all over you screen

Learning socat in terms of netcat

sslrsh: Remote Shell over SSL using certificate authentication

notes: Perl Commandline Primer

using flock to protect critical sections in shell scripts

foreachmail: Run a program on each email in an mbox-style mailbox

ra2wav: Convert RealAudio files to WAV files

nprlive: Listen to NPR's live audio stream

mmplayer_encode: Re-encode AVI files for playing on PDAs with mmplayer

flv2avi: Transcode Flash Video files into AVI files (or any other type mplayer understands)

Interlude: SSH over SSL and the USSR

mini_ca: Create temporary/low security Certificate Authorities for SSL-based applications

pppsshslirp: create a PPP session through SSH to a remote machine to which you don't have root

tcpdump-remote-server & tcpdump-local-client: Capture packets remotely and view them locally

xauth-user: Let another user pop up windows on your X display

copysshenv: Extract the ssh-agent environment variables from a running process Sort mbox style email messages according to date

sudo-rsync: Run rsync with root privs while still using regular user's SSH keys

cp_urlencoded: Copy files while renaming to remove special characters

binsp33k: Convert ascii input to binary

aviid: List movie file information

Philosophy: What is a script?